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Apple’s iPad Air 2 Keynote – October 2014 Media Event (Full Transcript)

Tim Cook

Apple unveiled the world’s thinnest tablet, the iPad Air 2, at its special media event on 16 October, 2014. We produce here the full transcript of keynote of the whole event…

Title: Apple’s October 2014 iPad and Mac Media Event Transcript

Place: Cupertino Town Hall

Date: October 16, 2014



Tim Cook – CEO, Apple Inc.

Craig Federighi – SVP, Software Engineering, Apple Inc.

Phil Schiller – SVP, Worldwide Marketing, Apple Inc.

Aidas Dailide – Co-founder, Pixelmator

Jeff Boudier – Co-founder, Replay


[Opening Video Presentation]


Tim Cook – CEO, Apple Inc.

Good morning. Good morning. Good morning.

Thanks everyone for joining us this morning. It’s been an incredible year and tremendously busy already, but we’ve got a few more things to share with you before we close out the year.

As you saw from the video, we had an amazing reception to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch. The stores were absolutely electrifying with energy. It was unbelievable; there was no better place on earth to be.

These phones are the best phones we have ever created and the reviews have been off the charts. It doesn’t get any clearer or any better than this review from one of the industry’s preeminent reviewers.

Walt Mossberg [Re/code] said simply, “It’s the best smartphone on the market”. You can’t hope for better than that.

Now with great reviews and the great customer response, it’s no wonder that these iPhones have become the fastest selling iPhones in history. And the first 30 days we have set a new high watermark for the most orders taken, and I don’t mean by a little – by a lot, a whole lot.

Our roll-out around the world is going well. In fact, by the end of this week, we will be in 32 countries and just in a few hours from now, we will launch in China. With support for TD-LTE and FDD LTE, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus customers will have access to China’s fastest networks on all three major networks.

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This is the very first time we’ve launched a new iPhone on all three networks and we’re doing it perfectly aligned to the early stages of China’s huge 4G rollout. We couldn’t be more excited about this, and I would tell you that the preorders, as you might guess, have set a new record. We can’t wait to get started.

With what’s going on in China, what’s going on here and the other countries around the world and all of the reviews and the customer response, this is our biggest iPhone launch ever.

So that’s a quick update on iPhone.

Apple Pay updates

Now the iPhones also get the benefit of another major announcement that we made last month. And of course, I’m talking about Apple Pay, which is an entirely new way to pay for things in stores and in apps. Apple Pay is built right into Passbook integrated right in and everything you need is built into iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It’s an easy, it’s secure and yes, it’s a private way to pay for things. We think that it is going to be profound.

We’re getting going in the United States. We’ve got all three major networks supporting us and we have all of the nation’s top banks supporting us. And just since last month announcing this, we have signed another 500 banks. They will be rolling out support later this year and early next year, showing the support and the enthusiasm around Apple Pay.

We’ve got many of the largest retailers in the country supporting us, and as you might guess since we announced last month, there is even more that will be rolling out between now and the end of the year.

Now Apple Pay also works online in apps. You can buy products and services right in the app. And it’s pretty simple. Find those pair of Beats headphones you want and boom! You bought them. I have been wanting this a long time and Jimmy won’t give me a pair.

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We’ve got a lot of people behind us here as well. Lot of great apps and a lot of great developers and as you might guess since last month, many more people have committed to roll out between now and the end of the year.

So we believe Apple pay is going to be huge. It’s going to change the way we pay for things. And I am excited to announce today that we are beginning on Monday.

The journey begins and we can’t wait.

Apple Watch updates

Now also last month, we announced an entirely new category. Of course, I am talking about Apple Watch. It’s the most personal device we’ve ever created. You can wear this powerful technology right on your wrist and it’s just as much about personal expression as it is about functionality.

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